5 Destinations To Cool Down At This Summer

One of the hardest parts of living in Brisbane in Summer is the heat! Whilst we might be lucky enough to have the beach not too far away, why not use this as an excuse to visit some of Australia’s best destinations. We found 5 must-visit Aussie destinations that will help you cool down this Summer!

Hobart, Tasmania

When thinking of cool places in Australia, it’s not rare that your first thought is Tassie. One of the most picturesque and incredible spots in Tasmania is the capital city, Hobart. It’s always about 5-10-degrees cooler than on the mainland all year round, so the perfect place to beat the heat and get exploring.

If you time it right you could even see the Sydney to Hobart Race

Champagne Pools, Fraser Island

A quick swim in a naturally formed rock pool on the worlds largest sand island is easily the perfect way to cool down after a lovely trek around the island. 

Natural rock pools right on the water!

Cotton Tree Caravan Park, Maroochydore

Of course any talk of cooling down in Queensland, the Sunny Coast isn’t far off the list of places to go. The Cotton Tree Caravan Park is right on the river, and the beach, so you get the best of both worlds!

Such a short walk to the water!

Dalhousie Springs, South Australia

It might be surprising to recommend a hot spring to cool down in, but water is a commodity out this way. Once you visit Dalhousie Springs you can’t resist that surprisingly refreshing water!

A natural oasis in South Australia

Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory

In the top end of Northern Territory, Litchfield National Park is home to so many waterfalls and swimming holes that you’ll be stuck choosing which idyllic spot to swim at – why not all?

So many waterfalls for you to choose from!

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