The Most Iconic Aussie Camping Accessories

There are a few things that are so iconically Australian camping that when you think camping they’ll come to mind. A jaffle iron is definitely one of those items, it’s so quintessentially Aussie that it’s definitely the best and only way you should cook up your toastie when camping. 

Another must have when it comes to camping is Bushmans insect repellent. Whilst it’s so beautiful camping by the water and being able to swim so close to where you’re staying, the mosquitoes certainly make it a bit tough. Bushmans should be in every caravan, car or away bag for any trip you make!

The last and final item that you may not know exists is the revolutionary Shoo Away. Shoo Away is perfect for when you’ve laid out a platter or meal and there are an insane number of flies, instead of spending the whole time waving your hands around, the Shoo Away does it for you!