Pop Top vs Caravan | What’s The Difference?

One of the most common questions we are asked in the dealership is should I buy a pop top or a caravan? And it really comes down to a number of factors. Towing, vehicle, budget, size and holiday style are all key considerations you need to think about before you make that decision. Today we will look at a few of the key differences, which may help in making the right choice.


Your first consideration would always be your towing vehicle and your towing capacity 

It’s no good looking at a van that you can’t tow with your vehicle. Find out what the actual towing capacity of your car is. The maximum towing weight as well as the maximum ball weight will be a key consideration before you decide on a pop top or caravan. Traditionally a pop-top will always be a lighter option and the caravan is going to be a bit heavier.

Fuel Efficiency

A lot of people are concerned about what their fuel efficiency might be whilst they’re towing and there is a slight difference between a pop-top in a caravan. The pop-top is slightly lower and slightly lighter to tow which means it’s going to be a little bit easier on the fuel consumption, in saying that there’s not a huge difference.

Holiday Style

A pop-top is certainly a great unit for weekends away and the long weekend or extended family holidays. However, if you’re looking to do some extended touring maybe a lap around the country, a caravan may be a more suitable option that gives you a little bit more security, a lot more storage and a lot more living space.


These days no one likes to leave home without some kind of shower or toilet and they are an option in both products, which is great. The only difference is in the pop-top range your shower and toilet will be a combined unit. Whereas in the full caravan you may be able to spoil yourself with a full ensuite. Ease of setup is also on the high priority list for a lot of people and both units are very simple.