Caravan Gear To Add To Your Christmas List This Year

Trying to buy Christmas presents for the person that has everything? Why not get them something for the caravan! After all, you will be spending a lot of time in there next year with International travel off the cards.

We’ve gone for a walk through our Gear & Accessories store at Brisbane Camperland and found a few of our must-haves for the caravan this summer.

Collapsible Kettle

If you’re like us, you can’t go anywhere without the right utensils that give us our tea and caffeine hit. One of the greatest caravan kitchens of our time is the collapsible kettle. When you’re on the road it collapses down to only a few inches high, meaning it’s not rolling around in a cupboard, banging and clanging with other items. Plus it takes up way less space. We stock a few different brands, sizes and colours in the shop. Stop in before Christmas because it is a must have.

Door Mat

Seems like a bit of a no-brainer, but honestly people often forget the all important item that keeps the dirt and sand from getting inside your caravan. The humble doormat has come a long way though, and we’ve got a heap in store to suit all requirements and personalities.

Telescopic Fan

No, this isn’t a fan that will help you see the stars. But it is a fan that will keep you cool in the middle of summer! This clever fan from Heller collapses down to just a few inches high, and extends out to over 1.2m high!

The perfect item to store away in a cupboard and pull out when it stays a little too hot at night. It’s also cordless which means no trip hazards in the van and no using up those all important power points.

Looking for more gear and accessories to add to the van? Keep up to date with new product by keeping your eye on our Gear page, or pop into the store next time you’re in town for a bit of a gander and a yarn.

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